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Eligible applicants must fall within the above entity types or demonstrate that the entity is an Indigenous entity with First Nations or Métis ownership.

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Eligible projects must be within the natural resource and value-added agriculture sectors.

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Projects that occur outside of Saskatchewan but within Canada may be eligible, where the applicant is able to demonstrate clear and significant economic benefits to Saskatchewan and Indigenous communities/entities within Saskatchewan.


Step 1


Who is seeking a loan guarantee?


A Saskatchewan First Nation or Tribal Council

An economic development corporation owned by Métis Nation – Saskatchewan, Métis Nation – Saskatchewan Region, or Métis Nation – Saskatchewan Local

An economic development corporation owned by a self-declared Northern Métis municipality in Saskatchewan that has a board of directors, the majority of whom are registered members of Métis Nation – Saskatchewan

A corporation wholly owned by an entity mentioned above


A non-Indigenous-owned entity or corporation

What size of loan guarantee is being requested?


<$5 million

$5 million – $75 million

$75 million +

What sector is the investment, subject of the loan guarantee, occurring in?


(e.g.: mills, including oriented strand board, plywood, lumber, pulp, and wood pellets)

(e.g.: mineral extraction and mineral processing)

Mineral exploration

Gas production and refining

Oil and gas exploration

Small modular reactors

Renewable energy
(e.g.: solar, wind, hydro, geothermal, biomass, solid waste to energy, landfill gas and biogas to energy)

Carbon capture, utilization, and storage

Value-added agriculture processing
(e.g.: canola crushing, oat milling, pea protein processing, malt producers, cannabis oil processing)

Primary farming

Cleaning, bagging, handling and/or storage of primary products

Infrastructure related to eligible natural resource and value-added agriculture sector projects


Where is the project occurring?


In Saskatchewan

In another Canadian province or territory

Outside of Canada

Step 2

COMPLETE the Loan Guarantee Pre-Application form